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Feb 21, 2012 25+ Stylish Beach Gadgets for the Summer Day
The Fueltank DUO is the world's most versatile and portable device charger.
Dec. 14, 2011 Chargepod and Fueltank 35% Off Holiday Sale
Callpod is right on that wavelength: they offer the Fueltank (portable charger) and Chargepod (6-1 charger) options
June 24, 2011 When You've Got to Charge More Than One Device
We really appreciate the simplicity of just plugging the ChargePod to a wall and use one or many of its tentacles to connect to your devices.
June 6, 2011 Best Travel Charger: Chargepod
Carrying a Chargepod means never again having to strew your devices around a hotel room or unplug a lamp for an extra outlet.
November 4, 2010 Keeper named in Best of the Best Business Apps
In addition to the iPhone's built-in features, a wide variety of apps are available to enhance personal and work-related productivity.
November 2, 2010 "Revive your mobile device on the run"
It can charge two devices at a time, and holds sufficient power to charge each multiple times. We proved the point on a long road trip, keeping a Palm Treo topped up for several days without ever recharging the Duo.
September 27, 2010 "Callpod Onyx and Vetro Bluetooth headsets"
"Inside these headsets are several features that make them stand out in the busy headset market, along with a couple of features that can really benefit travelers. "
August 18, 2010 "Back-to-School Gadgets: Top Tech for 2010"
"With the proper cable adapters, it can charge up to six devices at once while letting you stash your wall warts in the closet."
September 3, 2010 "Chargepod Juices Up Everything -- At Once!"
"This neat little system really cleaned things up," one user wrote. "Now we have one cable instead of a bunch, and the unit itself is quite attractive, with blue LED lights softly glowing... overall a clever solution to clean up clutter."
September 1, 2010 "Bluetooth Headsets With Something Extra: Callpod"
March 30, 2009 "The Callpod Onyx is easily the best Bluetooth headset I have ever used."
"Callpod's newest Bluetooth headset, the Onyx, is so sleek, slim, stylish, and comfortable you won't even know you are wearing it."
August 23, 2010 Something to get all charged up about - The Chargepod
" It's back to school time and there are a number of pieces of technology the current college student shouldn't be traveling back to school without. One ideal piece of technology now addresses the notorious lack of outlets in the dorm. The Chargepod from Callpod to the rescue"
August 18, 2010 Back-to-school tech guide 2010
"What you need is a multi-unit charging device that can handle your phone, MP3 player, portable game system and so on while taking up only one plug."
August 15, 2010 Review of Callpod Vetro Bluetooth Headset
"The Callpod Vetro is a very good, high quality Bluetooth headset that has a decent feature set. The call quality, range and battery life are excellent, as is the build quality."
August 15, 2010 Tech tools to make school a little more cool
"If your kid's into tech, chances are she already has a slew of gadgets, all of which need charging. Her workspace may be a tangle of cords and adapters. ChargePod can help."
August 5, 2010 Callpod given a design and engineering award.
August 4, 2010 Gamertell Review: Callpod's Fueltank Duo portable device battery charger
"if you are a frequent traveler, this will be a very useful addition to your kit."
August 3, 2010 Callpod's Portable Device Chargers Now Available at CDW Stores
"Give Users Hassle-Free Ways to Charge Multiple Devices at Once or On-the-Go"
July 31, 2010 Keeper is featured on the front door of the Android Market
July 26, 2010 Innovative, portable power solutions
"Chargepod is a no-brainer. It will make your life cleaner and easier."
July 13, 2010 Callpod unveils Onyx and Vetro Bluetooth headsets with 164 ft range
"Two new Bluetooth 2.0 headsets, the Onyx and Vetro. Both are said to offer up to a 164 ft (50 meter) range, which is 5 times what most other Bluetooth headsets are capable of"
June 2010 Chargepod V2 featured in GQ Magazine in Germany
May 7, 2010 ChargePod - Taming Charger Madness
"Simple technology that works - TechDadCentral approves!"
April 21, 2010 Callpod Fueltank Duo Review
"Verdict: Essential travel accessory for gadget lovers"
April 20, 2010 The Mac Observer does a Quick Look Review of Fueltank Duo.
"It provides a unique service in it's ability to service many unique mobile devices with the appropriate device attachments. I think it is a clever product that many will find useful."
March 31, 2010 Hi Tech Legion Review of Callpod Keeper
"Keeper software has become a necessity as vital data is easily stolen every day. A lost phone, a stolen laptop, an unattended PC are a few ways someone can access your vital data and steal your identity. With Keeper your passwords and account numbers are encrypted and inaccessible unless you have your Keeper code. A simple solution to an important problem."
March 23, 2010 The Bitbag Chargepod Review on Youtube
March 20, 2010 Tech Talk for Families Review: Chargepod
"I can't recommend Chargepod enough. It's a simple concept that solves a big problem for any family. In fact, depending on your family, you might want one for each child's bedroom so they can charge all their devices without a cord nightmare. Elegant, sturdy, compact (fits in your pocket)"
March 12, 2010 GadgetMETER Review of the Chargepod
"We like the device, needless to say. And the great thing is that it removes the tangle of wires that connect to my USB hub. With ChargePod, I realized that 90% of the reason I have a USB hub is so I can re-charge something. The ChargePod removes the need to keep my hub around."
March 12, 2010 Callpod on CBS Chicago Morning News
"Every week, we profile a Chicago technology comapny that's doing something different. Today, it's Darren Guccione [CEO & Co-founder of Callpod, Inc.]..."
March 11, 2010 Chargepod Review on Youtube
March 9, 2010 Callpod Chargepod
"I highly recommend the ChargePod for anyone who just happens to be an electronics geek like me! Your devices will thank you for it! "
March, 2010 La Audio File Review of the Fueltank DUO
"No longer do you have to worry about running out of power when there is no place to plug in your charger. Callpod's Fueltank DUO will have you covered. "
February 16, 2010 Gadget Meter Review: Callpod's Keeper
"Overall, I was pleased with Keeper and thought it was a solid product."
February, 2010 Jeff's Reviews: Callpod Fueltank UNO
"The FuelTank Uno works very well and does exactly what it is supposed to, a take along battery pack that charges other devices easily and simply."
January 22, 2010 Fueltank UNO Review
"We ended up arriving at our destination with two fully charged iPhones after watching a number of movies, listening to music, and playing games on our iPhones. This is all thanks to the Fueltank UNO portable gadget charger."
January 15, 2010 Fueltank UNO
"I decided to take my FuelTank to CES last week and was extremely impressed. During our 4 day trip in Las Vegas, I had to charge a dead FuelTank only twice. It kept me up and running during this hectic weekend. "
January 9, 2010 at CES: Callpod gives us another cool charger
"I've not been shy about admitting that I'm a big fan of Callpod's Chargepod...At CES the company raised the bar a bit higher, with the debut of the Chargepod V2."
December 22, 2009 Gifts for your Gadgets
"Another choice is the Fueltank Uno from Callpod. This battery pack comes with an assortment of adapters so that it can work with many or all of your portable gadgets, and it can automatically adjust the amount of power needed to recharge your device."
December 22, 2009 Last minute Tech Stocking Stuffers
"8. Callpod Chargepod...I always carry one in my travel bag. This is the perfect gift for a road warrior."
December 14, 2009 Game Chronicles Review of Keeper Desktop
"Callpod Keeper serves its intended purpose well and should definitely be considered by those folks who resort to the not-so-secure methods of tacking login-reminder sticky notes to their laptops and monitors or writing logins on easily lost slips of paper."
December 9, 2009 Legit Reviews: Chargepod Review
"The Chargepod worked like a charm and reduced all of the cables we had around the office down to just one."
December 8, 2009 The Top Ten Travel Products of 2009
"Why it (the Fueltank) matters for travelers? A gadget with an empty battery is about as useful as a fart in a spacesuit."
December 1, 2009 In-Flight Insider
"With this wonderful gadget you can charge virtually any small electronic device ranging from a smartphone to an iPod even when you’re not anywhere near an electrical outlet...Seeing is believing, so have a look and I bet you’ll be hooked."
December 1, 2009 Gadgetell Holiday Gift Idea: Callpod Fueltank
"I can think of plenty of instances where this would have been useful to me, and I’m sure some of you can as well."
December 1, 2009 PCMAG.COM: Top Apps for the Business iPhone
"Got a secret? And you want to keep that secret on an easily lost mobile phone? Okay, you might be crazy, or maybe you know that Keeper will keep that secret for you with 128-bit encryption."
November 27, 2009 MSNBC: The Best Travel Gadgets of the Year
"The new half-pound Callpod Fueltank Duo has adapters for nearly every cell phone, camera, MP3 player, and GPS navigation system on the market. Even better, it allows you to charge two gadgets at once"
November 24, 2009 Gone to Swan Travel Blog Fueltank UNO Review
"Callpod Fueltank helps solve the power problem with a rechargeable lithium ion battery charger, providing emergency power when needed and not needing constantly to be recharged via an outlet."
November 19, 2009 CNET Fueltank UNO Review
"The Callpod Fueltank UNO is easy to use, portable, and supports many devices... a great alternative to form-fitting battery packs. It's well made and provides a solid charging solution for mobile devices. "
November 16, 2009 Gear Diary Fueltank DUO Review
"Extremely portable; massive amount of backup power; ability to charge nearly any mobile device as long as you have the correct adapter cable; indicator LED leave no question about remaining battery life; ability to charge up to two devices at the same time."
November 16, 2009 The Bachelor Guy Fueltank DUO Review
"...since most of us carry more than one important gadget at all times, we're forced into a Sophie's Choice situation: which one of them is most important to us and gets to live, and which do we let die? (Until we can get to an outlet for a few hours.) The Fueltank DUO from Callpod solves your dilemma. "
November, 2009 Fueltank DUO Review
"The Fueltank Duo provides a great option for keeping my devices powered up while traveling and helps to eliminate cables and chargers that would otherwise become a tangled mess in my bag."
October 30, 2009 Chargepod Review
"this remarkable tech-toy takes traveling with electronics way beyond convenient now. There are tons of adapters available to suit every device you need to charge, without doubt a perfect companion tech piece to keep a traveling diva at full power!"
October 19, 2009 Mobile Magazine: Chargepod Review
"This thing definitely makes the cut. Short of bringing along multiple powerstrips, this is the best way to make everyone around you happy and still allow others to plug their laptops into the provided plugs at conferences and tweetups."
October 14, 2009 Gadgets: Password Saver & Backpack Storage
"I don’t care who you are, if you use a computer you have forgotten a password from time to time. Callpod’s application Keeper for both Mac and Windows systems does a great job storing and organizing those passwords, and requires you to remember only one."
October 13, 2009 Budget Travel's Blog: Travel Gear
"When I travel overseas, I often carry my iphone, another international phone not to mention my computer and various other gadgets. Obviously all these devices require different chargers, so instead of lugging around each individual one, I take the Fueltank from Callpod."
October 8, 2009 Gearlog Fueltank DUO Review
"Simplicity in tech is a great thing. Take Callpod's Fueltank portable charger, since renamed the Fueltank Duo."
October , 2009 Overclockers HQ Fueltank UNO Review
"In the end I have found the Callpod Fuel Tank to be increadibly helpful. No longer do I have to pack a bunch of charging cables to make sure that I don’t lose my phone for a day if I am out of town."
October, 2009 Dragon V2 Review
"The Dragon was easy to set up and use, and the controls are intuitive after a few minutes....if you want greater range or you like the walkie-talkie feature, check out the Dragon V2"
September 29, 2009 Callpod's Fueltank Uno Portable Charger Review
"Affordable and useful. The Fuelank Uno does exactly what it says it does: charge one device at a time. And with the Callpod's adapter tips, it can charge one of a lot of things at a time."
September 30, 2009 The Writers Workbench: More Power to the People
"Fueltank is an elegantly-designed product from a company that does such things well. It's a touch bigger than some other portable options, but it also provides much more charging power, so if you travel around with a lot of devices, this extra power can be a benefit to you."
September 29, 2009 Vodafone Develops Encrypted Password Vault for smartphones
"Central to the encryption technology - which will be downloadable from Vodafone's forthcoming mobile application service - is a highly secure environment developed by CallPod, a Chicago-based company that the carrier has contracted to develop the secure encryption software."
September 28, 2009 Callpod Portable Chargers Now at Best Buy
"Callpod just unveiled the Fueltank Uno, a new self-powered charger for electronic devices. The Fueltank Uno can charge one small electronic device multiple times without the use of an outlet. If you need a portable charger for more than one device, the company also has the Fueltank Duo which can charge two devices."
September 25, 2009 Vodafone gets app store, “Vodafone 360,” touts security app
"One of the apps Vodafone has already pushed is “Keeper Mobile,” which is a free app for Vodafone that organizes passwords, logins, and account numbers using 128-bit AES encryption. "
September 25, 2009 Acquire Magazine Previews the Fueltank UNO
"Callpod's clever Fueltank design is getting a new variation with the Uno, a backup battery with enough juice to fully charge one mobile device. "
September 25, 2009 Callpod Announces The Fueltank Uno Emergency Device Charger
"This morning, Callpod announced the newest addition to their product lineup. If you haven't been paying attention to my product reviews, you'll have missed that Callpod make some of the best portable charging gear on the market. "
September 25, 2009 Callpod introduces the Fueltank DUO multi-device charger
"Callpod’s new Fueltank DUO can simultaneously charge two electronic devices without the use of an AC outlet. "
September 1, 2009 Identity Theft is One of the Fastest Growing Crimes in America
"...Keeper is a simple program, very affordable ($14.95) but extremely effective in protecting your entire stable of passwords whether on your smartphone or on your PC. "
August 28, 2009 Cool Huh? pick of the week (chargepod mobile charger) Don't Lose Your Work Like I Did
"Today's entrepreneur relies on multiple mobile devices to stay productive while they are on the go. Hotel rooms, offices, coffee shops, and as I found out firsthand, even houseboats, often have limited electrical outlets."
August 22, 2009 Travel Gear Review: Callpod Fueltank
"Overall, I thought this product was a winner, and I recommend it."
August 2009 One Plus+ Magazine: Art of Travel
"The Callpod Fueltank can simultaneously charge two small electronic devices without and outlet... Recharge several devices without refuelling."
August, 16 2009 Mac Monday Review: Fueltank by Callpod
"A solid offering for charging a variety of devices on the go. Anything from cell phones , blue tooth devices, digital cameras, the list just goes on and on. The ability to charge 2 different devices at the same time is a big plus."
August, 14 2009 Test Freaks Blog Review of The Fueltank
"The Fueltank is the best I’ve seen in terms of portable power, and I’ve taken a look at a few of them in my time, the Fueltank is the only one you’ll ever need to keep your devices charged. I am truly and honestly impressed with this little device, it really exceeded my expectations in what it could do."
August, 6 2009 Military grade encryption will protect your passwords
"There are a lot of password protection software packages out there. Each one saying they are better than the other. One, however is a stand out, as it appears to be the only one to offer military grade encryption. That product is called Callpod Keeper."
August, 6 2009 FUNCFash- The Functional & Fashionable Product Blog
"Known as the Fueltank, Callpod’s tried and true product truly shines. It’s simple to use and easy to store in your laptop bag or messenger bag. Had great reviews as an IPod Charger and phone charger. and and packs a lot of power for something that small."
August, 5 2009 Callpod Fuletank Portable Battery Review
"As far as performance it works just as advertised...I am definitely happy with the FuleTank and have found it to be very useful"
August, 4 2009 Keeper Review
"I have a lot of different accounts and passwords to keep track of and having that information at my fingertips both at my desktop and iPhone makes my life very simple when it comes to being organized with all that critical information. The encryption is also a big thing for me because I want all of the important information that I had stored to be safe, especially since some of it is very sensitive material."
July 31, 2009 Test Freaks Blog Review of Keeper Desktop
"This is a fine tool for anyone looking to get rid of that insecure text file sitting on their desktop with all their passwords inside, and is a must for anyone with a portable computer that could easily get into the stinky mitts of a big, nasty criminal."
July 20, 2009 Sun, Sand, Surf and Awesome Beach Gadgets!
"What's a beach lover to do when halfway through the day, all your gadgets run out of power? The Callpod Fueltank may be able to help you out."
July 6, 2009 Mac Monday Review: Keeper Password & Data Vault
"Not only does Keeper from Callpod let you keep a vault of these user names and passwords on your computer but it syncs very nicely with your iPod Touch or iPhone over your wifi network. I like the idea of this product so much that I am awarding it the Editor’s Choice Award."
June 25, 2009 The Armchair Empire Review: Callpod Dragon V2
"I’d say it’s worth looking into if you’re looking for a versatile Bluetooth headset has good performance when paired with a handset and excellent clarity and transmission."
June 17, 2009 Gadgetophilia: Most awesome iPhone accessories
"Though its not exactly what we call totally iPhone dedicated but still with its tremendous usability and wide variety of chargability at one go makes it worth keeping."
June 11, 2009 21 of The Coolest VoIP and Skype Gadgets
"This small gadget instantly turns your bluetooth headset into Skype’s best friend. No need to buy a separate headset just plug this jewel into your computer and magic your bluetooth headset can instantly start being used to communicate via Skype or on VoIP"
June 9, 2009 JusTech' Review: CallPod Fueltank Portable Battery Pack
"The Fueltank is a great device. It serves a great purpose that is useful for anyone that carries around portable electronics. If you are on the go a lot and you find yourself running out of power, you may want to consider the Fueltank as it may give you the extra power you need."
May 27, 2009 Fueltank Review from
"What do you do if you need to recharge two devices simultaneously and there’s no power outlet to be found? If you’re carrying the Fueltank, you just plug in the appropriate adapters and charge anywhere..."
May 27, 2009 iPhone Blog: Keeper - a Free Alternative for Your Sensitive Data
"I highly recommend this application and it's so cool to see software of this class available free of charge on App Store. Keeper is a truly freeware - no ads, no spam, no catch."
May 21, 2009 ASE Labs Reviews the Fueltank
"The Callpod Fueltank is a good product to add to your excursions away from power outlets. With the ability to give you the needed boost of power, your portable devices could last for days without touching the normal AC outlet."
May 12, 2009 Takes on Tech: Callpod Launches Keeper Desktop
"Callpod has launched Keeper Desktop, its first software application for desktop and laptop computers."
May 1, 2009 U.S. Airways Magazine
"Your carry-on includes an array of digital devices, and the Chargepod ensures you're always powered up."
April 1, 2009 Review: Chargepod Cuts Down On Chargers
"You don’t need to throw a bunch of chargers with their messy cords into your suitcase or carry-on anymore. This one device is enough, which bodes well for any nervous airport baggage screeners… and in turn, you."
March 31, 2009 Chargepod & Fueltank Now Offered at Select Best Buy & Best Buy Mobile Locations
"Callpod is honored to be working with Best Buy and feel that our products are a perfect fit for its customers..."
Feb 26, 2009Cool Tools Review by Keith Shaw
"Why it's cool: The ability to recharge two devices simultaneously saves you some space in the laptop bag if you want to recharge..."
Feb 24, Review, Keeper: Encrypt the Data on Your iPhone
"Common sense should tell you that it’s risky storing highly sensitive data such as login IDs and credit card numbers on your iPhone or iPod touch, but if you insist, the best option I’ve found thus far is Callpod’s Keeper."
Feb 12, 2009Chargepod in Women's Health
"...Wherever you use it, the nightmare of tangled cords is over!" - Vicky Mcgarry's "Stuff I Love"
Feb 12, 2009Fueltank featured in Popular Mechanics
Page 29 Current Issue: " to pull several cycles before it needed a fill-up"
Feb 6, Callpod’s Keeper keeps your personal information safe...
"Speaking of secure environment, Keeper uses 128-bit military-grade AES encryption to make sure even if you lost your phone another person can’t access your data. Heck, even if this happens [someone manages to get your phone], there’s a self destruct mode, which as you might guess, erases all the information stored in the Keeper."
Dec 12, 2008Drone reviewed by SlipperyBrick
"The drone performed wonderfully you a feeling of liberation when you can wander around while streaming music directly to your headset"
Jan 5, 2009Fueltank Gets an 8.0 on CNET
Dec 9, 2008Chargepod in PC World Top 11 Stocking Stuffers
"I already own one of these and can't recommend it highly enough as a holiday present for the overgadgeted on your gift list."
Dec 9, 2008Gadling Review of Dragon V2
"The Callpod Dragon V2 has restored my faith in Bluetooth headsets. Good battery life, excellent range and the ability to charge using a common mini-USB charger make it a winner in my books"
Dec 2, 2008Gizmodo reviews Fueltank
"...does exactly what it says it does..."
Nov 26, 2008Callpod Rakes in Top Honors - World Business Chicago
"Chicago-based Callpod, maker of unique wireless electronic devices, rakes in top honors by taking home 3 CES Awards for 2009, including the coveted Best in Innovation Award, alongside last week's 2008 Innovate Illinois "Later Stage" Entrepreneurial Innovation Award.Clearly, they are doing something that nobody else is......It's not so often that a wireless electronics manufacturer in Chicago rises from the RD phase to start swinging at the deep seats on the open market.But Darren Guccione, Craig Lurey and their crack team over in the west loop at Callpod HQ are doing just that."
Nov 26, 2008Wired Magazine - Best Gear and Gadgets of the Year
Chargepod featured in Best Gear 2008 in Wired Magazine.
Nov 26, features Chargepod
"Not enough sleep a tough airplane connection slightly less to carry = an appreciative traveler."
Nov 18, 2008Chargepod named in top 25 products 2008 - Gadling
"The Chargepod by Callpod has completely changed the way I charge my gadgets on the road. In the past I had a complicated array of chargers, cables and splitters."
Nov 14, 2008Drone on Engadget
..."perfect for chewing out the kids from your hotel room over some long-distance Skype without messing with a tangle of wires"
Nov 14, 2008Drone on CNET Crave
..."the device is perfect for computer-based VoIP calling, and works with Skype, right out of the box"
Oct 22, 2008HardwareSecrets - Dragon V2 Review
"We found the Dragon intuitive and easy to use...Call quality was exceptional. The noise suppression technology worked better than most of the other headsets that we have reviewed"
Oct 22, 2008Phoenix MCS reviewed by Gizmodo
"Pairing the five included headsets was as easy as pairing one to your phone. You can then take the headsets and wander around your office (house) and be able to talk to any of the other headsets automatically. Muting and standby options are also available"
Oct 1, 2008Gizmodo - Dragon V2
" of our favorite Bluetooth headsets on the market today..."
Nov 14, 2008Dragon reviewed by The Gadgeteer
"Overall, the Dragon v2 is well made, comfortable, has great sound quality with an incredible range."
Aug 11, 2008Chargepod featured in USA Weekend Magazine
Page 7 "Try the Callpod, says Kerrie L. Kelly of All American Design Furnishings"
Jul 30, 2008David Pogue - New York Times review of Dragon V2
"works comfortably and perfectly on everybody..." "The Dragon V2 sounds terrific: loud, clear, static-free."
Jul 14, 2008Callpod Dragon Review -
"This amazing range is due to its Class 1 Bluetooth rating, which was observed in a variety of tests, I even went as far as measuring out the distance and it results were surprising as the range seemed to be even further than the claimed amount, coming it at a whopping 344 feet."
Jun 23, 2008Dragon headset | Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine
"The Callpod Dragon Bluetooth wireless headset is a truly unique device, but then so are most of the peripherals produced by this company.... Given all the other usesconferencing and walkie talkiethe Dragon is a gem among headsets and worth of your consideration. With all its extra functionality, it is an excellent value for the price.
Jul 14, 2008Chargepod featured on The View!

Jul 14, 2008ZDNet - Progress on standardizing the @#$%! chargers
May 23, 2008Callpod Dragon Review - MobileBurn
"While driving, callers were unable to tell that I was using a headset, and they sounded great to me, as well."
Jul 14, 2008Top Six iPhone Accessories 4 - Switched
May 7, 2008Chargepod featured in Luthansa's in-flight magazine
May 5, 2008Government Computer News reviews Dragon
"No hands, all ears: Dragon Bluetooth gives a clear signal within range"..."the Dragon has some extra features and tests better than any previous device of this type"
Apr 25, 2008Top Six iPhone Accessories 4 - Switched
the Chargepod is a great addition to your portable electronics arsenal specifically because of this fact
Apr 23, 2008ZDNet - Progress on standardizing the @#$%! chargers
...the ChargePod is actually a very nice solution. Short of making every mobile consumer electronics device use the same charging interface, this is probably as good as we are going to get...
Mar 10, 2008Callpod Dragon Bluetooth Headset Video - Digital Trends
"The Callpod Dragon offers a unique feature other then the standard background noise cancellation and multiple device pairing: walkie-talkie like fun! With a pair of Callpod Dragons, you can talk to another person within a 250,000 square foot range with the push of a button without having to call them."
Mar 5, 2008Callpod’s Dragon Bluetooth Headset - New York Times
<h1 style="font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;">Is that a walkie-talkie hanging off your ear? It might just be Callpod’s new Dragon Bluetooth headset, which packs a lot of functions into a small package.</h1>
Feb 14, 2008Network World reviews Dragon
"Callpod's Dragon Bluetooth headset works with your mobile phone but can also pair up with a second Dragon unit to create a full-duplex communications channel between two people"
Feb 13, 2008PC World - 5 Cool Cell Phone Accessories
"... it's a great way to lighten your load"
Feb 6, 2008Callpod Dragon Bluetooth 2.0 Headset offers 100+ meter range
Feb 6, 2008Callpod Phoenix Bluetooth headset hub links five callers - PHONE Magazine
Jan 27, 2008Callpod Chargepod on MacLife
"Road warriors and supergeeks whose lives depend on gadgets will find the Chargepod handy"
Jan 12, 2008Information Week video
Interview from CES 2008
Dec 19, 2007Gems in the Back of a Closet - New York Times
"... you'll use and get pleasure from this invention every single day."
Dec 19, 2007Great CNET video review of Dragon Headset
Dec 19, 2007Video: Tame Your Wild Cables- MacLife
Tired of the rat's nest of cables residing under his desk, Reviews Editor Roman Loyola hooks up with Callpod's Chargepod 6-way charging device.
Dec 10, 2007Holiday Gift Guide 2007: Best Technology Bling - - Business Technology Leadership
"Enraged by that tangled mess of power charger cords in your briefcase? Callpod has simplified it all in a hub ideal for travelers"
Nov 17, Gadget Gallery 2007
"The Chargepod is simple, smaller than a hockey puck, and looks good. Bright-blue lights signal that it's getting power"
Nov 7, 200710 Tech Essentials for Emergency Evacuations -
"...A device that can charge six devices (cell phones, iPods, cameras, etc.) from a single outlet was worth its weight in gold."
Nov 3, 2007ABC News: Chargepod: The Ultimate Multitasker
The Chargepod is extremely easy to use. Just plug in, find the right adaptor and connect.
Oct 23, 2007Wired Magazine best of 2008
"One ring to charge them all".  Page 38 in "Cell-Phone Accessories".
Oct 8, 2007Pack a Chargepod Instead of Lots of Cables
"Having been caught without the right charging equipment before, and having stayed in far too many hotel rooms that don't have adequate outlets, this little gadget caught my eye. "
Sep 6, 2007The Gadgeteer - CallPod ChargePod Multidevice Charging System
The folks at CallPod have done a good job of engineering a charging system for the tech-carrying road warrior. I travel quite extensively for work and regularly forget a power cord or two. The ChargePod system not only allows you to reduce cable clutter, but puts all your charging needs in a small, lightweight, organized package.
Jul 23, 2007Chargepod featured in Popular Science Magazine
"SUPERCHARGED Recharge all your mobile gadgets --cellphones,iPods,Bluetooth headsets -- in one place.  The Chargepod adjusts its voltage to power six different devices simultaneously"
Jul 28, 2007CHARGE!!! -
Chargepod can help you reign in that tangle of wires! The Chargepod will charge 6 devices at once, with a single power cord! A blue LED will light up when a device is getting juice, so you know when you leave the house in the morning, your gizmo is ready to give you hours of electronic bliss.
Jun 28, 2007CNET: Review of Chargepod: 8.3 / 10 (Excellent)
"We used the Chargepod to charge six devices at one: a LG CU500v, a Nokia 5700 Xpress Music, a Motorola Razr V3x, an Apple iPod, a Sony PSP. Even with all six devices plugged in, the Chargepod zapped them to life without any issues. It didn't take longer than usual to perform a full charge, and the devices seem to last just as long."
Jun 29, 2007GIZMODO: Chargepod Universal Six-Way Charging System Hands-on (Verdict: It Revolutionizes Charging) - Gizmodo
"After getting our hands on it and testing it out on just about every portable device we have, we've come to the conclusion that the Chargepod is the future of gadget charging."
Jun 29, Close Encounters of the callpod Kind
This unit worked flawlessly, charging anything I could throw at it
Jun 16, 2007DL.TV: Instant Charging Station For Your Gadgets - Video by PC Magazine
Nice video review by PC Magazine's lab
May 28, 2007Pop gadget Personal Technology for Women: Charging made easy with the ChargePod charger
Say hello to ChargePod, a unique multiple device charger designed by a company named CallPod. This sleek monster can charge 6 of your small electronic devices at once, eliminating the mess caused by having multiple monolithic chargers around. Being an eliminate-clutter freak myself, the fact that I don’t have to struggle with all the muddled wires from numerous chargers gets me revved up with anticipation.
May 26, 2007The ultimate plug and play: Everything plugs into the chargepod
this multiple device charger from is designed to let you plug in and charge all manner of things neatly and reduce the hassle and mess of wires, adaptors, and plugs that everyone has hidden somewhere in their house. With short, neat cables available to fit BlackBerry, Motorola, iPod, Sony Ericsson, Sanyo, Samsung, Palm, Nokia, Nintendo and more devices, you'd be hard pressed to find something you couldn't charge with the chargepod.
May 23, : The ChargePod, once and for all !
"The ChargePod is the perfect solution to put an end to those nightmares you're making because of all those wires ! Now, for 49.95$ and 9.95$ (cables) you can free your mind and plug all your USB thingies with no worry !"
May 20, 2007ENGADGET: Callpod's Chargepod juices up six of your handheld gizmos
"its portable nature lends itself to the gadget-strapped road warrior who can leave six charging dongles plugged into the device itself and juice up half a dozen peripherals (presumably via USB) with a single power outlet"
May 21, 2007USB Powered Gadgets and more.. » The Octopus USB ChargePod
" ideal product for the messy office or traveling professional the Chargepod is well worth the extra few bucks from your typical charger. $49 for the unit and accessory cables for just a little more."
May 22, 2007Too Many Devices That Need to Be Charged? CallPod Has Your Solution - Associated Content
"So far, consumer response to the Charge Pod has been positive. Everyone seems just as happy as I am to get rid of the clutter and tangle of adapter wires. Power strips have been eliminated, as have cluttered desks, and kitchen countertops."
May 21, 2007Chargepod 6-Way Charger For Road Warriors : Digital-Lifestyles (alpha remix)
"Offering to rid us of our bulging bag of chargers is the Callpod Chargepod which claims to be able to charge up to 6 devices from a shiny silver central unit."
May 21, 2007Chargepod System: unique six-point charging gadget on Product Reviews Net
"The Chargepod is designed by Callpod and the idea is a brilliant one which fills a big gap in the charger market as with so many more devices and technology in our homes all needing charging this is the answer to all that charger clutter."
May 20, 2007SCI FI Channel: Chargepod
"Any product that prevents temper tantrums is okay by me, and the Chargepod certainly qualifies for that category. We've all been there, cursing all things electronic as we try to untangle the jumble of cords charging our ever-expanding collection of devices. That stress-inducing task is happily reduced to utter simplicity by connecting your devices to the six ports of the Chargepod, a plug-in charging station that uses voltage-regulating technology and a wide range of adapters to let you juice up anything from cell phones and Bluetooth earpieces to PDAs and MP3 players"
May 20, 2007Concept to Consumer by Phil Baker: Callpod - A clever solution for charging all your devices at once
"This is one of those clever inventions that you can instantly appreciate. It's a hub that lets you charge up to six different devices using a single charger. Each of your devices plug into the hub using custom connectors and the hub plugs into the charger that plugs into a wall outlet. $50 with 6 adapters for your specific devices."
May 19, 2007Chargepod Orgy The Most Ultimate 6 way Charger » Phone Reviews
"The Chargepod is the ultimate charger in the world if you ask me"
May 19, 2007Star-topology charging hub makes charging easy and no more messy wire- by Gadget, shop online blog of
"Callpod has a pretty cool and unique charging method for your gadgets. Its product Chargepod, which is a hub of star-topology that lets you charge up to 6 gadgets simultaneously. Of course, the other usefulness is this charger will surely keep your desk neat, as no more dangling wire of those gadgets chargers. Chargepod doesn’t have messy wire or extension leads, which it won’t let you get into the kind of hassle of having to get your chargers out of those wire balls. The Chargepod also comes with many different kinds of power adapters that are controlled by voltage regulator, to ensure each gadget being charged gets the right amount of power."
May 19, 20076-Way Charging With The Chargepod | geeksugar - Technology, Gadgets, & How Tos.
"This useful gadget should be labeled the charger of all chargers, or at least celebrated for its shape..."
May 18, 2007Tentacled monster feeds your gadgets | Crave : The gadget blog
"Browsing through the gadget world sometimes feels like a tour of '50s horror movies. It's bad enough that we've been invaded by alien eyeballs and speakerphones with lips that are reminiscent of Audrey in The Little Shop of Horrors. The latest trend seems to be tentacled monsters. The "Chargepod" is a hub that can charge six devices at once, in between attacks on major coastal cities. We think that if you really need to use all the plugs at once, as described by Coolest-Gadgets, some serious gadget-addiction counseling is in order. But if could be a good playmate for other cephalopods in the house, as long as you don't forget to feed it."
May 18, 2007Chargepod pour recharger tous vos appareils mobiles / : Votre magazine sur toutes les technologies mobiles
"Le Chargepod est un accessoire qui pourrait être utilise à ceux qui ont une floppée de produits à recharger. Vous pouvez recharger jusqu'à 6 appareils en même temps avec une seule alimentation. 500mA sont délivrés à chaque port USB de recharge."
May 18, 2007 Chargepod Charges 6 Gadgets at Once - SlipperyBrick
"Once you get all six of your devices connected in practical use we can’t imagine it’s going to look as clean and organized as the photo implies, but it will certainly be better than needed a power outlet for everything. Just be sure to unplug the charger when your done."
May 18, 2007Gadget Lab - Wired Blogs
"The base unit is $50, and the adapters are $10 each, so it's not a cheap solution, but what price a clean desk?"
May 18, 2007 Charging Pod: It’s about time they thought of this! at The Ergonomenon
"Callpod solves the problem of messy jumbled charger cords (like mine)."
May 19, 2007Callpod unveils 6-way charging contraption - Cell Phone Beat
"No confirmation about price and availibilty but it is for sure that very soon a new device similar to this will also hit the market that will also sport our notebooks and other large electronic devices."
May 19, 2007Callpod Chargepod System - - Cell Phones, Laptops, Video Games, iPods, Cameras
"...Where the wire is connected to the Chargepod there is a cool blue indicator light, which shows what device is on charge."
May 19, 2007Callpod, carga múltiples dispositivos
Ideal para cuando nos vamos de viaje y no queremos llevarnos encima un montón de cargadores, el ChargePod nos permitirá recargar hasta 6 dispositivos desde un solo aparato. Compatibles con móviles iPod, reproductores, conexiones USB,...
May 21, 2007tech2 India: on Chargepod
"...its a portable station that could be extremely handy for any and all gadget freaks."
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